Tournament Schedule

All posted schedules are subject to change.

The schedule of barefoot skiing is at:

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The general schedule that includes on site events and activities:

August 4-11th Site familiarization (sun-up til sun-down)
Saturday, August 11 Judges/drivers/scorers clinic; Opening Ceremonies @ 5:00 pm
Sunday, August 12 Preliminary rounds; Antique Car Show on site, Fish fry, Evening performance by Kim Pollard
Monday, August 13 Preliminary rounds
Tuesday, August 14 Preliminary rounds, Evening performance by Tim Sheffield at the fire pit.
Wednesday, August 15 Preliminary rounds, Firefighter demo, Snowmobiles on the water, Evening performance by Thin City Band
Thursday, August 16 Semi and Final rounds, Evening performance by Smitty Kingston at the fire pit.
Friday, August 17 Semi and Final Rounds, Presentations, Barefoot Night jump under the lights, Evening performance by Cole Hermer
Saturday, August 18 Final rounds of skiing; Performances by Chicken Wire (3:30PM), 80s Enuf (7:30PM), Fireworks (9:00PM), The Furleys  (9:30PM)


If you are interested in buying tickets for activities like Fish Fry, Banquet etc. please visit the web site: